True Love

When I really loved myself, I understood that at any circumstance, I was in the right place at the right time. And then I could relax. Today I know that it has a name ... Self-Esteem.
When I really loved myself, I can see that my anguish and emotional suffering are nothing but signs that go against my own truths. Today I know that's ... Authenticity.
When I really loved myself, I no longer want to be my life  different, and began to see that everything that happens contributes to my growth. Today I know that's called…Maturity.
When I really loved myself, I began to understand because it is offensive to try and force a situation or a person, just to reach what I want, even knowing that it is not the time or the person (maybe myself) is not ready. Today I know the name of it is ... Respect.
When I really loved myself, I began free myself from everything that was not healthy: people and situations, everything and anything to push me down. At first, my reason called selfishness that attitude. Today I know that is called ... Love for Oneself.
When I really loved, I stopped worrying about not having free time and desisted to make big plans, I abandoned the mega-projects for the future. Today I find what's right, what I like, when I want and at my own pace. Today I know, that's ... Simplicity.
When I really loved myself, I gave up wanting to be always right and, with that, I wandered far fewer times. So I found…. the Humility.
When I really loved myself, I gave up to be reliving the past and worrying about the future. Now, I stay in the present, where life happens. Today I live one day at a time. And that is called ... Fullness.
When I really loved myself, I realized that my mind can torment me and disappoint me. But when I put in the service of my heart, it is a valuable ally. And this is ... Knowing How to Live!
We should not be afraid to ask ourselves ... Even the planets collide and from chaos stars are born.
Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin -Charlot- (Actor, Director, Producer, Writer, Musician, Composer and British Comedian)