Saturn/Chiron/Uranus (The Trinity)

These three astronomical objects and their corresponding Astrology significators, make a whole lot of Trinity, where Saturn/Cronos holds archetypal and tacitly as "The Father", in particular and according to mythology and not only figuratively but also tangible , since the tradition consider Chiron as "The Son" of Saturn itself, then Uranus true to the archetypal myth that depicted -Prometheus- is "The Spirit ", the fire, the spark of the divine breath of knowledge, science and knowling advocating for change, rupture and renewal and that traditionally sentence for such daring.

About this brief summary of the relationships between these three myths/gods speak us very well own "Heaven," as the astronomical knowledge of the three archetypes represented here "The Father" (Saturn) of "The Son" (Chiron) and "The Spirit "(Uranus) has a faithful translation to the planet Saturn itself as the guardian of Heaven and Time, a planet that represents the limits of the self, and in this case which marks the border between the personal/social and transpersonal planets, then Uranus with a remarkable and his eccentrical angle not only represents itself that irreverent and visionary character but it stands as the first of the transpersonal planets, and between "The Father" and " The Spirit", how could it be in any other way, "The Son" -Quirón- that orbited the complex space between Saturn and Uranus makes a link and nexus between the energies of both.

A wonderful example of the archetypal representation of this Trinity, we can find it in the late 70´s classic war film Francis Ford Coppola director´s, Apocalypse Now, based and inspired by Joseph Conrad´s novel, "Heart of Darkness". 

The film offers us the story of the young U.S intelligence Captain Willard  -Martin Sheen- who the war has caused a deep wound that seems to have no cure and has led to break with their own identity causing among others a divorce, and making the service and the war itseldf in a "macula" which can not seem to escape and creating ironically himself a whole dependency disorder authentic war itself.

Therefore Willard (Chiron), is a wounded man from the cruelty of war, a wound that seems to have no cure, which is assigned the mission of assassinating the U.S excentric awarded Colonel of "Airbones" -Kurtz- Marlon Brando, a man who has paid dearly for daring to suggest new methods to a different war, where the high command outdated strategies are sterile and outdated and the almighty US Army led themselves to one of the bloodiest defeats in recent history.
Colonel Kurtz (Uranus/Prometheus), represents a break with the traditional model, and he has been "castrated" and ostracized, looking as prisoner of itself and of its own decisions in a remote and hidden place in the jungle between Vietnam and Camboya.
Who best represents the almighty American Army, a Saturn "Feverish" and "En-Couraged" (very typical of a country whose Founding Astral Charter has a prominent Saturn in the sign of Libra, on his Medium Sky) who decides what are the limits and the price paid for them, is the U.S Lt.Colonel Airborne Cavalry Bill Kilgore masterfully played by Robert Duvall, a man who seems to be beyond good and evil and that only one with a clear goal/target, to fulfill its mission, narrow limits and rules of contest itself.
It is therefore Kilgore -Saturn- who allows Willard -Quirón- up the river with their helicopters allow hunt down Kurtz -Uranus/Prometheus- and finally release him from his martyred for, as in the myth, where the own Chiron who in exchange for his death free Prometheus from its "conmdens" at the end of this initiatory journey for Willard, he just found his redemption killing Kurtz, and allowing a portion of himself die too, becomes Kurtz´s  executiong more an act of compassion, faced and met by the personal admiration who professed him.
To conclude and anecdotally, the demands of this "apocalyptic" shooting caused at young Sheen (37) a heart attack, fortunately for all, he could finish the film, but from that moment their health need of a more special attention; the key on the Archetype represented by the character of Willard can be found in a intimate passage from film in which the young widow of a French officer, tells Willard about his ability not only to kill but also to love and remarks he must learn to integrate both, is or not is a pure Chiron ... ???