Saturn In Cancer

I belong to the "small" and "privileged" generational segment which was born with Saturn in Cancer and as I have always reiterating I get chance; both Jupiter and Saturn are social planets, with a little more weight Saturn, by its preeminent character Karmic (Mr. of Karma), this means that Jupiter and Saturn, dance to the tune of social changes, represented by the character of the signs they are transiting
Saying that the group of people who are born with Saturn in Cancer is "small" is nothing more than a literary license, knowning as Irony, since as we all know Saturn is seated approximately about thirty months in each sign (month up or month below), but not all people who are born with Saturn in Cancer experience its influence in the same way.
It depends largely on the area of influence of our lives that occupy Saturn, in this case in Cancer sign, because it is not the same to have it located in angular houses or on top of a house, at some less harmful or annoying place, as a quiet and diaphanous House V or House XI, or spectating hardness and toughness with some personal or luminaire planet; In short, not all natives with this feature will experience, manifest or internalize Saturn in Cancer on the same way.
We know that Cancer is a water sign, and Saturn as dry planet, cold and earth, does not stop to be too strange in a Water sign, but in this case we are talking about the more schmaltzy and family of all signs of water, Cancer whose ruler the Moon represents The Mother (in the universal sense of the word), the home, the most primal emotions but also and remarkably (taking into account the social character of Saturn), the nation itself or homeland of the individual, its people, its roots and origins.
So Saturn in Cancer governs the emotional life of the individual, in most cases gives all sorts of "apparently" cold and cerebral individuals, but with the catering of an intense inner and emotional life, the inspiration for this article was born watching the passage from a very famous film that issued a few weeks ago on TV (not continue reading the article without seeing this film piece from start to end;).
That's right!!!, the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, the Stoic, when I saw this sequence in which his son claimed him mercilessly by a modicum of affection, the wise and old emperor could not but collapse before the evidence of the "monster" that his "coldness"  had conceived;a child with serious self-esteem issues, what led me to conclude that surely Marcus Aurelius was born with Saturn in Cancer (and if anyone tries to go crazy trying to find out, desist, it is a Herculean company which unfortunately we do not have all the tools and data to find out).
Marcus Aurelius has all the classic attributes of the archetype of Saturn in Cancer, such as its philosophical legacy entitled "Meditations", where the wise old emperor internalizes and ulteriorizaice his whole world and inner life as reflections or, as we reads in the title as "Meditations", also it is believed for the most of historicians that he died of stomach cancer, and the disorders more characteristics of individuals with Saturn in Cancer have to do with the digestive tract, especially the stomach, and osteoclasis, giving bone problems like arthritis, hernias, teeth, etc ... 
Really own Saturn in Cancer, is how it was perceived by his people, and as has been remembered by history as an influential ruler (Saturn) that left an important legacy (Saturn) that his debatable decision to relinquish power to his son; whatever it if you want to dig deeper into the figure of Marco Aurelio I recently opened a small corner here on Facebook, where I expose part of his legacy, philosophy and way of understanding life, so I invite everyone to lean out…
Many Thanks!!!