Moon In Signs

Between all the objects of study in a birth chart and its variants or derivatives (Solar Revolution, Synastry, Composite Charter ...), the Moon is a very personal point of particular sensitivity in the birth chart of any individual, this is so for several reasons, first and most obvious the proximity to the earth, is the closest and most influential cup and tangible object on the planet (weather, tides, earthquakes, etc ...) but especially with more influence on its inhabitants are of the species they are, this must be added that is the object of study in astrology greater variability and mobility, example is the importance of its nodes as karmic doorways and involving in many cases the burden "Karmic" that the individual has to transcend this whole set of singularities and/or the characteristics become as a very special item, on which much of the personality traits of individual articulate, is of such importance that in World Astrology when studying trends, patterns on the geopolitical landscape becomes faithful representative and guarantor of the interests of peoples and nations.

The Moon represents among others as we live our own emotional identity and how we relate to the environment and everyday avatars from a highly emotional sphere, this sometimes means that our Moon we predisposes to have some defense mechanisms, which are intended to create us an apparent and illusory sense of security and protection, (and at this point we must remember that the moon like Neptune is closely related to fantasy, imagination, dreams, psyche and subconscious) so then passeth to list the main defenses according to the sign that occupies our Moon.



The fierce Martian moon, need combat, confrontation, a noble cause or not, fair or not, why fight so when there is a stage according to their emotional demands she implements it or if you prefer to instigate so be it, so for her the best defense is always a good offense, this may make the individual with the Moon in this sign someone passionate and inconsiderate, it claims for itself to be the epicenter of all the emotional care required to own environment, some sort of selfishness and self-centeredness, the best medicine is indifference, test (if they can) to ignore a Moon in Aries, it will be a balm for all ... Deaf Ears !!!



The Sensual Moon in Taurus, need to be satisfied to be in a pleasant environment, according to your needs and tastes, much of the security you need is material, as this impossible because no one can control or design an environment at will, active their defense mechanism becomes capricious and hedonistic something bourgeois and especially "maniac", people with Moon in Taurus often tend to be protagonists of some "ticks" or "Manias", that all they want is an illusory sense hornamental security in composition and aesthetics of their surroundings ... "Picky-picky" !!!



The Communicative Moon in Gemini, need to feel satisfied with a flood of information, stories and news, most likely came to the conclusion that people with Moon in Gemini are happy with a good book, but nothing is further from reality when their communication needs are not met, the attack themselves with an overwhelming verbiage that can lead them to tell again and again the same anecdote is launching a "hundred" in different ways and which aims to capture the attention of your partner or partners to force feedback that fits your needs, so this Moon may end up to find their own safety in an uncontrollable chatterbox ... .Shhhhh So Heavy !!!



The maternal and protective Moon in Cancer, claims exactly what demands and offers, namely, protection, care and empathy, if not in one project its "care" then it becomes suspicious and distrustful, adopting the role of "victim "or worse victimizing others making them feel insecure and helpless, there is a defense mechanism more treacherous than a Moon in Cancer, why this had just undermining security, self-esteem and self-esteem of all this around to the person go to her for then yes, that protection she likes so much to offer ... Wangle !!!



The roaring Moon in Leo, need that tehe same call and make her roar is heard loud and forceful, she is the Queen of the Jungle, and all his subjects must meet when she opens her mouth, need therefore draw on care their "plebeian" that if, when this is not possible then intensifies its roar, amplifies heretofore unsuspected if 10,000 "Likes" you seem to many, it is not enough need three times at least, so as defense becomes someone with an excessive desire for prominence, which reaches only the sound of his own voice, so that eventually this creates a rebound effect and ends up being hated by everyone ...Unconscionable !!!!



The Analytical Moon in Virgo, is surprising, for her sincerity and pragmatism is not just assertive but also empathic, has an unerring eye for how you feel and what a person needs to hear at the time, but sometimes people we are not what you look like or do not act according the logical pattern set because there are many circumstances that come together and may modify our habitual emotional pattern, so then the Moon in Virgo lost their food source, and becomes sullen, suspicious and hypocritical, losing much of his famous abilities, and all for the attention of the audience and get their partners need the emotional response, which is the acceptance ... Fake !!!!



The refined, diplomatic and altruistic Moon in Libra, need that same beauty, harmony, justice and love, love for others, she needs to love and be loved, with beauty, taste, touch, stylish, as we live in a world in which relations of all kinds are all less harmonious, it has two main defense mechanisms, throwing dishes on the floor (which will guarantee an opportunity to rebuild the much needed harmony for her) and make you guilty , bringing up everything under his judgment does not seem reasonable to you or your environment, or otherwise seek to isolate looking for affection and understanding of those who want both, because it is or is not fair to the people so much love and affection I have given you end up devuelviendo when you need it most and nourishing your needs ... Egoistic !!!!



The Deep Moon in Scorpio, is similar to the Kingdom in which inhabits, dark, inaccessible, mysterious and unsettling, leaving little bare, but loves to delve into the psyche and emotions of others in this way have the power and Control what happens that for her, this is not always so easy when you do not get so close and shows conventional, but it does by empathy or compassion, if not rather by a fake and supposed dedication to service , which aims to make you lower your defenses and to get you in the trance she ends up losing a part of your protection, exposing uncomfortable truths about itself in any case the cold and inaccessible Moon in Scorpio and feels which more ago, but always from the bottom ... .Too Much !!!



The idealistic  and philosophic Moon in Sagittarius, need big ideals and businesses, people with heights of view, no matter what they may or could be their real and mundane emotional, obviously these needs are in most cases difficult to satisfy, so to get it then activates defense mechanisms, and these the have to provide your food how to do this ?? for example traveling is a good chance because this broadens your horizons and meet new people, but of course this travel is not up to the pockets of all the Moon in Sagittarius, so the cheapest and easiest way to broaden horizons is reading, and reading about important topics such as philosophy, history, metaphysics where you will find the necessary food when others can not provide for it, so there is a danger that this person can be condemned to ostracism which ratita library in an idealized, utopian world ... Frikie !!!



The austere Moon in Capricorn is prudent, thoughtful, sensible and pragmatic because you need some kind of security and tangibility in the emotional exchange with others, but we live in a world where nothing really is safe, nothing is guaranteed for anyone, everything changes and is mutable, so as a defense mechanism and to this lack of security Capricorn Moon becomes Enraged, Insightful, proud and somewhat distant, they are people who look like they are not, when they are doing is measuring up to the last your gestures, so that underlies them as a defense mechanism a deep sense of mistrust that all they get is just that same, generating an oppressive distrust of their immediate surroundings, giving the same a disturbing feeling of coldness ... Interested !!!!



The revolutionary Moon in Aquarius, need that same motion, revolution change and exchange, particularly of ideas and emotions, emotion tends to translate into even the smallest everyday event, is a moon like shouting from the rooftops what feels, as sorry as sorry, so just are crippling to those around her, it's like a roller coaster, also demand an exchange on the same terms, so in most cases their expectations are not met, when this happens activates its defense mechanism, and becomes something Snob and vain, and perched on an ivory tower, which leaves no access to anyone, since he thinks no one is at the height of what she is willing to share and if so ... then you ascend to the tower where I was perched to demonstrate your interest ... Cocky !!!



The intuitive and sensitive Moon in Pisces ... how much fantasy how much imagination, how much bondage, compassion and spirituality !!!!, they need a gift for others, merge with everything connected with the "Pacha Mama", but we live in the real world, and these needs are somewhat unrealistic, utopian and unattainable in most cases, also the harshness of the outside world moved and deeply shaken the natives with Moon in Pisces, then activate their defense mechanisms to escape at best cases create a parallel fantasy world, at worst become emotionally addictive and dependents ... Addict !!!