I Origins (Karma & Synchronicity)

Sometimes, people who are dedicated to astrological study, we strive to provide consistency and substantiality the proper object of study, in this case Astrology, as a conceptual framework that makes it possible to encompass a complex, comprehensive and vast information system just a set of symbols and patterns as a magical mandala that contains the keys of a primordial knowledge that aims to shed light on our own existence.

To intellectualize and trivialize too much Astrology, sometimes turning into an instrument of "prediction" or worst of "Power", we sometimes forget two of the most important pillars on which that system is based, and do not are others that the Law of Karma and Synchronicity.

One of the most reliable defenders of astrology was the Swiss Philosopher and Psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung, and should be sent to one of its most important and known works Synchronicity to understand the importance and interaction of synchronicity principle applied to the astrological field, in fact in this work the author reveals the working method used to integrate both, Synchronicity and Astrology, and as the study of a large sample of clinical cases succeeded in establishing a relationship between Syncronisms and the astrological level happennes in the patient life.

That´s the reason why the astrologer, has to look for these synchronicities with few tools or methods you possibly can, to thus evaluate, diagnose and predict responsibility, then the Principle of Synchronicity must always keep in mind the so-called Law of Karma and Karmic component many of the inter-relationships astrological birth chart of an invidual, the best examples of karmic principle and cause / effect relationship in the astrological study, are the Lunar Nodes and the called Lords of Karma they are no other that Saturn and Pluto, however all transits or stages that occur in the life of an individual has a remarkable karmic function governed by the provisions of its Lunar Nodes by sign, house and aspect and aimed awakening and / or evolutionary and spiritual development individual.

A fundamental work to understand the vastness and how these concepts integrate them into our daily lives, it is the Book of North American Psychiatrist and Writer Deepak Chopra entitled SynchroDestiny.

The inspiration for this article comes from the movie I Origins that by chance (¿?) get in my hands a few days ago, this particular film history not only managed to rejuvenate my faith that make good movies is not so much a matter of generous budgets so and more importantly real talent, and when it has everything comes easily, achieving compose a beautiful, sensitive story of unusual commercial, intellectual, emotional and spiritual effectiveness, "designed" to raise awareness and pierce souls.

For curious and interested, this film raises the diatribe that permanently exists between science and faith, between spirit and reason, and between the Logic and the Heart ... masterfully narrated by a young and almost unknown Mike Cahill, and starring Michael Pitt, Brit Marling and the beautiful young Franco-Spanish actress Astríd Bergès-Frisbey, they make a poignant journey through the universal principles that govern our lives, I recommend you see this movie.