Chiron´s Archetype (The Wounded Hero)

As already mentioned the archetype is a mythical figure with whom accustomed to identify and have a primitive value and therefore transgenerational, that meaning goes beyond social, cultural or generational convections, transcends to form a part of what Jung agreed to call as "the collective unconscious" in our journey of transformation, development and growth in life, we´re looking for those archetypal images that reveal information that allows us to transcend and identify with one (s) or other (s) archetype (s), sometimes this trip is an all purpose quest of life for some individuals and the meeting or recognition of the archetypes that represent us sometimes suppose a real epiphany, all a transcendent moment of revelation and lighting.

I wanted to focus on the figure of the Chiron´s Archetype, the wise and torn by grief centaur, which is commonly identified as "The Wounded Healer" and to make closer the match to the reader, student or amateur astrology this interesting myth, I decided to exemplify some world famous modern heroes, all of them have in common the characteristics of this Centaur, summarized in extraordinary skills and knowledge, capacity and/or vocation to help, heal or save other features and a very special linkage with the Father, which as you know is a role traditionally attributed to Saturn.
To delve into the characteristics of the Chiron´s "Father" (since I consider this a "character" of vital importance to better understand the complex psychological dimension of Chiron) and have a better understanding of Chiron himself, I urge them to go over some of my articles on Saturn. (See Link)


What is not to be said about the clueless reporter for the Daily Planet, Clark Kent (Karl-El) the sole survivor of an extinct and distant planet, the only living representative of that distant world, and in his exile our Sun provides the key & the cure for the stigma of being a "Pariah", in a world that do not quite to feel integrated, his capabilities allow him to help & save others, his eternal and mortal enemy Kryptonite, his existential compass the legacy of his father (Jor-El), himself and a lot of very important knowledge and the safeguarding of the history of his planet ... its pending subject Love and Partner.


The wealthy heir and philanthropist Bruce Wayne hides behind his worldly mask the pain of the traumatic death of his parents and a visceral fear of the dark and bats, his wound, his pain and fears his most powerful weapons to fight in defense of the weak and oppressed and make his city Ghotam, a cleaner and just place. It is clear that using a sharp analytical and scientific mind, and a host of gadgets designed by himself help it back in his task, the referent his Father (Thomas Wayne) honesty and integrity doctor who not only work for their patients if not much more important for equality and justice in the city that saw him be born, the unfinished business of our Chironic Hero like many others ... Love and Partner.

Iron Man

The iconoclastic entrepreneur, engineer and playboy Tony Stark, is undoubtedly one of the most striking heroes of this article, when his life changed as a result of an explosion a powerful and deadly poison in the form of shrapnel became part of his circulatory system, with no cure all that keeps him alive is a witty and small reactor that coupled to a powerful armor become our man in a fabulous machine precision to fight evil, going for his wit and creative abilities, as above other heroes, its referent his Father (Howard Stark), an entrepreneur and engineer of success ahead of his time ... its pending subject Love and Partner.


The successful lawyer Matthew Murdock, has managed to consolidate a solid reputation in the world of the judiciary in spite of being blind since he was a child a terrible acid will burned the corneas. This event and the death of his righteous father (Jack "Battler" Murdock a boxer budding was killed by a criminal organization after refusing to fall on the canvas in a rigged boxing combat), allowed the young Robert develop to full potential about the rest of his senses and capabilities, also becoming an efficient judge who struggle for equality representing all that was his father, an honest and honorable fighter, even though in darkness is able to bring light and justice where there is none ... and as the rest of our heroes despite their heightened senses and sensitivity is unable to get comfortable with Love and Partner.