Chemistry & Alchemy

People who is looking for chemistry are love scientists, I Said, are accustomed to action and reaction.

People who is looking for alchemy are love artists, they are creating constantly new ways of loving.

Chemicals love by necessity / Alchemists love by choice.
The chemistry dies over the time / The alchemy born across the time.
Chemistry love the container / Alchemy enjoy the content.
The chemistry happens / The alchemy is built.

All seek Chemistry, only some people find Alchemy.

The alchemy integrates the masculine and feminine principle, so it becomes in a relationship of free individuals with his own wings, and not in an attraction that is subject to the whims of ego.

The alchemy brings together what the chemistry separate. Alchemy is the real marriage, chemistry is the divorce we see every day in most of the couples.

"Let's start building conscious relationships, cause the chemical always do aging us the body while alchemy always cherish us from within."