The Word

What distinguishes the human specie over other intelligent beings living on the planet earth, is none other than what we agree to call as a Language, is this "Gift", Grant of the Gods, which for more than 5000 years ago when its use extended writing, it has equipped our specie of "Reminders" or what is popularly known as History.
Sumerian Cuneiform Tablets -Mesopotamia-
As an example, the Egyptians, skilled communicators who became the historical record through the Hieroglyphic Language not only in a genuine form of artistic and cultural expression, but also a valuable inventory of its history, political, military, legislative and/or religious, among others, perfectly integrated into the daily life of this majestic civilization, mainly through its monumental architectural legacy.
Prints Hieroglyphic Scripture -Ancient Egypt-
The common use of Language as a way of communication and exchange, not only has come to become the primary communication usual method among humans but also and more important the keystone and pillar on which are cemented and built mighty civilizations, authentic cultural vehicle and significator whose maximum exponent are different languages, which over millennia has distinct times, races, nations and even empires.
Rossetta Flint
The Word as gear and articulating element of language itself becomes in a precious intangible and asset, substrate and/or seed from which the language uses, to be equipped with corporeality and meaning itself, and although the number of words are limited , its combinatorial tend how a cosmic equation to infinity.
The Word turns in protagonist and powerful vehicle, that which has allowed the evolution and advancement of the species itself, THE IDEAS, seed on which is based any progress either in the cultural, artistic, scientific field, legislative, religious and especially politically, is therefore in the use made of Words that will make the difference between success and failure of any idea or enterprise you want to undertake.
Detail Engraving in Latin -Roman Empire-
"And the Word was made flesh...." it is in this simple statement that the Bible do in some passages, where is enclose much of the words´power secret, able to elevate simple men to the altars of fame and immortality, starting wars, bring down governments, raise persons to the absolute power and tyranny or enslave societies, but they can also become in powerful ambassadors of peace, history, culture and art, making as a nexus between cultures, countries, civilizations and what is more important, allow us to be in constant contact with our ancestors
Dead Sea Scrolls -Qumrán-
The maximum exponent of the transcendence of language and the importance of words is the literature, and even contradictory, sometimes a picture is able to make us evoke a million of words.
"Omnia Mea Mecum Porto"