The Symbol

A Glyph, is a Symbol with an archaic nuance, and at this point I want to open a parenthesis, there is not a direct relation between a Sign, Signal or a Logo with a Symbol, which differentiates one from others, is that the Symbol contains all the primordial value attributable to hundreds of years of history and evolution, so its power is that it is something that is rooted in the Collective Unconscious.
Ankh -Egyptian Cross Of Life-  (Symbol)
As examples of Logotype (Logo), I will refer to the particular way in which initialed his works Alberto Durero, in that signature we can find one of the early and very personal Logos of history, allowing to identify the author with his work or if you prefer the Brand (Brand-Identity) with its Source/Origin.
Alberto Durero (Self Portrait)
Alberto Durero Signature -Detail- (Brand Identity)
In the field of signals along history there are numerous examples, perhaps now the most internationally recognized are the traffic signals as the Stop or Prohibition Signal
Traffic Signal -International-
The Sign is a much broader concept whose vastness includes alphabets of different languages and their spellings themselves, any letter of these corresponds to the unit of measurement known Sign (also a rubric/signature), sometimes a Logotype or a Sign are formed by signs for its location, layout and aspect ratio make these new measures communication signal and logo, as in the above cases.
Compassion Mantra -Sanscrit-  (Signs)
Royal Cartridge, from Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten) -Dinasty XVIII- (Logotype)
So the Glyph is a Symbol with a transgenerational value, it means something that over time has maintained its value and significance in any geographical location or cultural field.
Astrology used therefore glyphs, which help the Astrologer but also the Neophyte, to put the true value of things, and remind us constantly and unconsciously in most of the cases, the extent and value of the different Astrological Significators .
This same website is headed by what many may consider a Logo or Sign, but it is in fact a Glyph with a transgenerational and multicultural value, which is associated with Chiron, not only as a concept but also as a tangible astronomical value, and it is constituted itlself as a key because both the asteroid, the myth, as Astrological Significator represent a key that opens the door to new portals and integration areas of reality or knowledge.
Symbol is the greatest stimulus of intuition, its graphy brings the reminderso of a plot of atavistic knowledge that are passed down from generation to generation -Carl G.Jung-
Chinese Characters -Tetragram- (Hánzi)
"There is a need for symbols" magically "effective, which contain those primitive analogism talking to the unconscious. Only by the symbol might the unconscious be reached and expressed, that´s  reason why it can never individuation abstain from symbols. The symbol for a hand is the primitive expression of the unconscious and, on the other hand, an idea that corresponds to the highest feeling that is given to the consciousness "
Carl G.Jung -The Golden Flower Secret-
The Debod Temple (Madrid). Author: Moises Valverde
"The Symbol as an integrator and primal element of the identity of your company, is the impulse and strength of your Business"
Japanese Characters -Ideogram- (Kanji)